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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is owned and operated by PT Snapinn Global Asia ("" or "us"). This Privacy Policy explains how we collect, use, disclose, process and protect any identifiable personal information ("Personal Data") that you (The "User") may be provided in connection with the service available through the website at and available applications ("Website"). Personal Data means data, whether true or not, of an identifiable individual from such data, or from data and other information that an organization has or may have access to. By visiting or using the Website, you agree and consent to the collection, use, disclosure and processing of your Personal Data in accordance with this Privacy Policy and / or Website Terms. In order to secure any information related to identity, activity and any communication with the Service User of then we make this Privacy Policy service for the Website Users.

Mohon periksa syarat & ketentuan dan kebijakan privasi kami dengan seksama sebelum anda menggunakan layanan atau mengunduh aplikasi kami untuk pertama kali.

Purpose is made to give convenience to the Users to be able to search or order the Property and Provision of Property in accordance with the needs of the users easily and efficiently ("Service"). The Property in question is a good lodging place including but not limited to homes, apartments, and villas. In addition, may also provide an offer to the User in the form of an event trip provided directly by in order to promote.

Based on that, we attempted to provide the best protection to the data and personal information of the Service Users. Users of the Service may choose their own data and information to share. Through this Privacy Policy, we determine what things can do to collect and use the User's personal data and personal information and any steps to be taken in connection with the privacy protection of the Service users.

This Privacy Policy is subject to the prevailing laws and regulations of Indonesia. In the event of any change in the applicable laws and regulations regarding this Privacy Policy, We may revise if necessary and mandatory. Accordingly, We encourage Customers to periodically review this Privacy Policy in order to obtain up-to-date information on the latest policies and practices that we are doing.

Valid From

This policy valid from 1 January 2017

Daftar Konten
  1. Input & purpose of Personal Data
  2. Using Social Media
  3. IP Address (Internet Protocol)
  4. Cookies Policy
  5. Pranala (Link) to other Web Sites
  6. Disclosure of Information with Third Side
  7. Information Protection
  8. Membership
  9. Changes of Privacy Policy
  10. Change of Ownership
  11. Other Information
1. Input & purpose of Personal Data
1. Input Personal Data
  • To access and use services, User is required to give Personal Data of the Service by creating a personal account or registering as an authorized Service User by providing personal information such as (but not limited to) name of user, phone number, location of residence, e-mail address or other information.
  • This is done to facilitate User monitor the status of ordering / provision of Property from Users. We may also collect and process a complete description of User visits on the Website, including but not limited to traffic data, location data, links or other communications data.
2. Purpose of Personal data
  • Grant permission to the Service User to access and use the Website and Services
  • Sending email, SMS or any other form of communication related to the use of the Services, for the purpose of identity verification, personal data and requested for other purposes associated with the Service
  • Adding a Service User into the message delivery list, sends the Service User in relation to information on the latest product and promotions of interest from or invites Users to write reviews on User Properties via Website Message. Users of the Service may unsubscribe from the message delivery list and dismiss the receipt of information about the latest products and promotions at any time through this link or by sending an e-mail to
  • The use of any third side services on the Website including but not limited to payment and / or credit card transaction processing, website hosting, provision of services and data analysis.
  • Share User data with User Service staff enabling We may serve Users and answer questions regarding ordering / provision of products and Services that provide.
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2. Using Social Media uses social media in order to promote, enhance and facilitate existing Services. has integrated with social media into the Website that enables Users to log in to the Website Services through their Social Media account. When a User signs up with a Social Media account of User, information about the User's access to the Website may be presented on the User's social media profile or page to share with others in the Users network.

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3. IP Address (Internet Protocol)

We may collect certain information about the computer that Users use to access the Website. If the User is using a mobile device, We may also identify the Users mobile device and the specific settings of the device. Data and information of service user contained on the browser will be automatically recorded each time a service user visits Website All of this is not intended to identify any individual but to obtain statistical data information about the workings and browsing patterns of Users when accessing the Website. Therefore data does not recognize you as an individual, but the data includes:

  1. Computer IP Address;
  2. Browser Type;
  3. Operating system on User's computer;
  4. Application version;
  5. Language setting;
  6. The page that the Service users visit at;
  7. The length of time to visit the page;
  8. Things and information searched by the Service user on the Website;
  9. The time and date of visiting the page; and
  10. Other related statistics.

The collected information is used to analyze, evaluate and aim to help improve and / or improve the quality of the Website and the Service to the Users of the Service. The data collection is anonymous and will not be used for matters relating to personal data.

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4. Cookies Policy

Cookies are software that allows Users to be recognized by the system as the same user based on computer information or mobile devices that Users use to access the Website, including but not limited to IP address information, server information, user preferences, and addresses email and password used to access the Website. The Cookies file containing the information is stored on the hard drive of User's computer. The period of Cookies may be kept for up to five years from the last Visitors to the Website. User may delete all Cookies from browsers that Users use at any time.

Kembali ke atas may provide links to other websites that are beyond the supervision of The is not responsible for the privacy practices, products, services or other content of websites or pages that are beyond the supervision of and also not responsible for the content and / or policies of third party websites.

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6. Disclosure of Information with Third Side will not give any personal data you have provided to any other party, but We may disclose or transfer personal data or information belongs to the Service user, including (but not limited to) disclosure to third side service providers to snapinn. id, who is officially involved to assist to developing the Website and Services of Under certain circumstances, may disclose User Personal Data when required in legal proceedings, such as but not limited to claims, witness calls, judicial proceedings, legitimate solicitation from law enforcement officials / other government authorities, or to the extent necessary to comply applicable law.

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7. Information Protection commitment is to take steps to ensure that the data and personal information collected is free from possible loss, misuse, harassment, modification or use, access, disclosure, modification, unauthorized or unintentional change and damage. ensures that collected data is safely stored and will protect personal information by limiting access to personal data; maintain and implement the system to protect illegal computer access; and destroy or delete Personal Information of the Service Users when they are no longer needed. Confidentiality of password or password is the responsibility of each User. shall not be responsible for any losses which may be incurred due to User fault in maintaining the confidentiality of the password.

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8. Membership

The user of will be registered as a member before placing an order / provision of Property for ease of use and viewing the ordering / providing status of the User. By this User grants that Users are individuals who are legally entitled to use the Service and have authority under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia to enter into a binding agreement / aged minimum 18 years. All self-provided data is original, current, accurate, and complete. We are not responsible for any loss that User receives due to User error in providing User personal data information. Please make changes to the User's personal data as required via the Website in the menu provided.

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9. Changes of Privacy Policy may edit and modify this Privacy Policy at any time if required. Users of the Service will be notified of such changes. Service users expressly agree and are bound by any changes made by including any changes contained therein if after such changes continue to access and continue the use of our Services.

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10. Change of Ownership is a legal entity / Limited Liability Company established under the laws of Republic of Indonesia and has been approved by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights Republic of Indonesia. In the event of a transfer ownership of the Website, all User Personal Data shall be part of the transition.

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11. Others Information

If User of Service:

  1. Want to access;
  2. Want to check or edit anything in Personal Data that has been collected to;
  3. Have any questions or request relating to this Privacy Policy.

Please contact us by providing information and reasons to or contact us at (+62)811-1200-0058.

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